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Get €500 worth of Topshop clothing from only €2!

16th January 2018 | 10 Days


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Known for its celebrity styles, eclectic designs and runway-inspired looks, Topshop (Topshop.com) is a big name on the European fashion scene. The company collaborates with celebrity style icons and fashion gurus to bring shoppers some of the best picks in women's clothing, shoes and accessories.

If you like keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you've no doubt stumbled upon UK's favourite fashion hotspot, Topshop. The multinational women's fashion retailer has become synonymous with on trend looks, celebrity collaborations and some of the busiest beauty and fashion communities on the internet. With over 500 Topshop stores worldwide and 300 of those here in the UK, the company is continuing to expand both at home and abroad, easily drawing in customers with their must-have fashion ranges:

Topshop Dresses: This is one of the most popular categories for Topshop, with the company's well-cut designs hitting the spot for thousands of its female shoppers. Perhaps one of the best things about dress shopping at Topshop is the sheer amount of choice. From sequined dresses fit for a special occasion to contemporary chic dresses perfect for the office, Topshop covers a lot of ground with hundreds of trendy of options. And because Topshop knows that one size does not, in fact, fit all, the store offers a great selection of tall dresses, petite dresses and maternity dresses.

Topshop Jeans: There are many questionable fashion choices you could make, but buying your denim at Topshop is not one of them. The company is great with staying on top of the latest trends in denim and are quick to roll out the latest looks. From sexy skinnies to ripped boyfriend jeans, be sure to click the "outfit view" for some styling inspiration.

Topshop Shoes: Once you've picked up your new pair of Topshop jeans, your next stop should definitely be the Topshop shoe rack. The category is known for combining fashion with quality, offering a number of 100% leather pieces that are well worth the price tag. Concerned about comfort? Try sorting the shoe selection by rating - the best-rated shoes are usually also the ones deemed most comfortable by fellow shoppers.

Topshop Maternity: Being pregnant doesn't mean going on a 9-month style hiatus. Topshop UK has an excellent selection of maternity styles that will get you through pregnancy and beyond without sacrificing your fashion sense. Find the maternity category under "Fits" and be sure to check out Topshop's selection of much-needed essentials like nursing bras, belly bands, nursing tops and more!

Topshop Tall and Topshop Petite: If you're used to running every clothing purchase to your seamstress for those much-needed alternations, your days of trimming, hemming and taking in might be over. Topshop offers a great selection of clothing meant specifically for their tall and petite customers, making it easier to find your perfect fit without the need to pay extra at the tailor shop.

We are offering a €500 virtual VISA credit card for you shop to your hearts content at Topshop for your fashion.

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