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Get €250 worth of Tesco shopping from only €2!

16th January 2018 | 10 Days


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Don't have time to walk the aisles at the grocery store and stand in line at checkout? Visit Tesco Direct (Tesco.com) for all your grocery needs and have them ready for pick up at a participating store near you. Need more than groceries ? No problem. Tesco has clothing, homewares, electricals and many other offerings.

Tesco Direct is one of the more recent offshoots from the Tesco store chain. Selling a huge selection of homewares, furniture and electronics, Tesco Direct offers the same great deals you're used to seeing at Tesco.com and allows you to extend the benefits of your Tesco Clubcard to a broader range of everyday items. So, whether you're buying the groceries to cook a special occasion dinner, or the dining room set itself, between Tesco and Tesco Direct, the company has got you covered with essentially everything you might need!

We are offering a €250 virtual VISA credit card for you shop to your hearts content at Tesco for all your household essentials.

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