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Get €250 worth of Hungry House takeaways from only €2!

15th January 2018 | 10 Days


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Can't find your stash of takeaway menus? No worries! Hungry House (HungryHouse.co.uk) won't let you starve with their convenient approach to takeaway orders. Simply type in your postal code, choose your restaurant, select your food items and bingo! Your food will be delivered.

Homemade dinners are nice, but even the most enthusiastic home cooks need to give that apron a rest from time to time! Enter.... Hungry House! The UK-based online company offers the simplest way to order takeaway without rifling through your drawers for those loose takeaway menus you've accumulated over the years. With just a few clicks, the site allows hungry Brits to easily find the restaurants delivering to their area, pick their food items and place their order online! Easy as that!

Hungry House operates as a subscription service for restaurants that want to be easily found through the Hungry House website. And while most tech-savvy restaurants have subscribed to the service, the restaurants that you see when you type in your postcode may not be the only restaurants operating in your area. That beings said, Hungry House has over 10,000 UK restaurants on their platform and that number is still growing as new businesses are signing up!

Most areas in the UK will have a great selection of available restaurant options, whether it's the Hungry House Chinese category or Hungry House pizza.

Ordering your takeaway on the go? The Hungry House app gives you all the features of the desktop Hungry House website in a convenience of an easy-to-use mobile app. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

We are offering a €250 virtual VISA credit card for you to order at Hungry House.

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