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Get €500 worth of GAP Clothing from only €2!

15th January 2018 | 10 Days


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GAP (Gap.co.uk) is a multinational fashion retailer that sells a wide selection of clothing for men, women and children.

Founded as a modest family business in San Francisco, Gap Inc. has come a long way from its small-time Californian roots. Today, The Gap is a multinational business with well over 3,000 stores across the globe and a solid reputation as one of the go-to brands for quality family clothing and accessories.

With over 140 locations across the UK, chances are, you've stumbled into a Gap store at one point or another. Here at PlayPennies, however, our favourite way to shop those trendy Gap styles is online at Gap.co.uk. The site offers a great shopping experience, with plenty of opportunities to score great deals across the store's ranges.

Although Gap is constantly expanding its selection to include a wider range of items, most of what the company sells falls into the "casual" or "day-to-day" category. The men's and women's lines offer trendy choices, including slick picks that include some "smart casual" pieces for men (i.e. trousers, oxford shirts, etc.) and work-appropriate apparel for women.

Always aiming to be a one stop destination for your day-to-day wardrobe, Gap sells a good variety of outerwear, swimwear, athletic apparel, loungewear and even underwear and socks. Most of these categories are further divided into subcategories, making it remarkably easy to find what you're looking for both in-store and online at Gap.co.uk.

Looking for styles both you and your kids will love? Gap Kids is a popular stop when shopping for kids aged 4-12, with plenty of cute designs like stylish dresses for the little ladies and hip and cool outfit options for the little men. As with the Gap Women and Gap Men categories, Gap Kids lets you shop for every element of your kids' wardrobe, from underwear to outerwear and accessories! Also look for sweet occasion wear and a great selection of adorable Gap PJs.

Although Gap Kids UK is, generally, not the cheapest place to shop for children's clothing, one of the main appeals of the company is the great quality it consistently delivers. Top that with some great Gap Kids sale offers and you've got yourself plenty of reasons to shop for kids clothes at Gap.co.uk!

"Adorable" doesn't begin to describe this popular line at the Gap. Baby Gap has been tipping the cute scales for years with their sweet selection of clothing for babies and toddlers. The company has earned a worldwide reputation for quality, comfort, functionality and trend-setting micro fashion, with a huge selection of clothing for the youngest members of your family!

Look for Gap baby basics and sweet little outfits in sizes 0-24months, as well as a stylish line of toddler clothes in sizes 1-5.

Looking on-trend through pregnancy and beyond just got easier! Available exclusively online, the Gap maternity line offers some great choices for expectant mums, delivering comfort and uncompromising style all 9 months long! Whether it's a hot date night number, a sharp office look or a casual outfit for a day about town, Gap Maternity has you covered!

Gap maternity styles are available in sizes 4 through 20.

We are offering a €500 virtual VISA credit card for you shop to your hearts content at GAP online store.

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