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Get €250 worth of Cineworld purchases from only €2!

14th January 2018 | 10 Days


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Cineworld (Cineworld.co.uk) is a cinema chain that operates in the UK and Ireland. Screening the latest releases as well as Bollywood, family movies and live sporting events, the company offers tickets as well as snacks and drinks.

Whether you're a total movie buff or just looking for a fun Friday night activity, Cineworld is a popular choice for thousands of UK movie-goers. As the second largest cinema chain in the country, Cineworld offers a great viewing experience at over 80 UK locations. Cineworld cinemas typically run a good selection of the latest Hollywood releases, with some locations offering additional viewing options such as Bollywood, sporting events, live music events and opera. Here's what you need to know before hitting up your nearest Cineworld location:

Sure, you can do it the old fashioned way and just show up at the cinema hoping to catch a good flick. But if saving time and money is something you enjoy, consider logging on to Cinewoeld.co.uk before heading out. The website is not only a great resource for things like movie synopses and Cineworld listings, it's also a great way to beat the queues and buy your ticket totally hassle-free.

In addition to all the handy info and the online booking options, Cineworld.co.uk is also your destination for Cineworld gift cards. Simply head to the "Gifts" tab and purchase your Cineworld gift card right off the site. Delivery options include post as well as email gift voucher.

Here's a card that will give movie lovers something to get excited about! The Cineworld Unlimited card is a fantastic promotional card that gets frequent movie goers some awesome perks at the cinema and offers substantial savings opportunities to those that find themselves at the cinema on a fairly regular basis. Some of the benefits include:

- A flat monthly fee that gets you in to as many movies as you can handle
- 10% off on snacks and drinks at any Cineworld location
- Exclusive preview screening for cardholders

Signing up for the card is easy and can be done at Cineworld.co.uk. You can pay the monthly fee online and your card will be posted to you. In the meantime, you will be sent a temporary pass that will allow you to enjoy the unlimited card's perks right away!

Have a budding movie buff in your family? Join the Cineworld kids club by signing up online with MyCineworld. You will receive the latest updates on designated kids' screenings, which include the latest children's movies and animations as well as live action spectacles. Signing up will also get you access to special promotions, exclusive film times and more. As an added bonus, Cineworld's Movies for Juniors are deeply discounted and conveniently timed during weekends and school holiday mornings!

We are offering a €250 virtual VISA credit card towards cinema tickets, Cineworld Unlimited card monthly membership or snack purchase at your nearest Cineworld location.

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